Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CURDLE- 9th to 19th April 2008


You are who you eat. Milk-fed and fattened up for the kill, I could gobble you all up! Swapping saliva and mammalian milk, cross-incorporation, sharing cells and selves. Spit or swallow. Dregs of mamma's special blend dribble down your chin, glazed cheeks, crackling crusts form on your suckling lips. Lap me up, swallow me in small doses. Seethe in my milk, marbled and marinated with my fat. I am eaten alive, drunk and digested. Flesh of my flesh. Nipple to mouth to skin to heart to brain to every pound of sweet juicy young meat.

Curdle is a 10 day installation piece by the artist Zoo, in which zie will induce lactation through a combination of pumping, herbs and diet. During this time the public is invited to observe, record their impressions, ask questions and participate in the work in other respectful ways. Artists are invited to collaborate, using Zoo’s lactating figure and the breast milk itself as inspiration, material- or both. Those wishing to do larger pieces, or work outside of gallery hours, are requested to organise this before the exhibition is underway (though late applications will be considered of course), and anyone is welcome to pop along when during the listed times and sketch, paint, make music, write or otherwise express themselves in milky ways…

Where: Don't Look Gallery
419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, NSW, Australia (a block back from the corner of New Canterbury Rd and Marrickville Rd)
Opening hours: 11am-5pm, every day for the duration of the exhibition
Opening night: Wednesday 9th April 2008 6-9pm. Small informal launch, statement of project intentions, few beers.
Closing night: Saturday April 19th, from 6pm. This is the big one- art created during the installation will be on display, and I will have much more to say about it!

For more details or to contact me about participating please go to www.galactablogue.blogspot.com (my lactation blog).

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