Monday, April 07, 2008

Badly Behaved Zoo

I was very naughty and rude to someone about their beliefs today, and it is a source of shame and embarrassment that I let myself get so carried away in a fit of passion and frustration. Try as I might, I just CAN'T seem to manage to be respectful of people who are queer and female and yet choose to engage in misogynist and homophobic institutions. Heck, I TRY to get it, really, but to me it always just looks like they are being abused and going 'its okay, the Church doesn't want me to get married or have the same power as a man but hey, he still loves me so I'll just keep coming back for more and maybe ONE day I'll earn some respect'. I really DON'T understand it in any other terms, it makes no sense to me otherwise. Stockholm syndrome maybe?



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