Friday, April 18, 2008

Dog’s Ball

Dogs and their balls go together like poles & piss. You’ve licked, chased, eaten and buried your balls – now Bad Dog is giving you a chance to clamour your way into the Ball.
Lady Bella da Ball Gaspar, Lord Steve Squeaky-Ball Sonius, Media Magnate Bill Busta-Balls Cotsis and Master Ben Old-Money Drayton cordially request your company during the hours of …..
3pm – 11pm on Sunday the 11th day of May, 2008 at Jets Sports Club, Holbeach Ave, Tempe. Talk about Society Pages! Dust off your dinner jackets, fluff your tails, tweak your tulle and perk up your parasols. Curtsey & bow to your partners, take their paws and promenade to the dancefloor. Lords & Ladies, we’ll have pomp & ceremony coming out our assholes. Dandies & doodles, don’t be upstaged by the white poodle. Join us for an evening of dancing & romancing under the chandelier disco ball. Quadrels, ruffles & panteloons, debutantes with tennis balls. Pocket your Pops Ballroom Powder – you now hold the most coveted invite of the decade.
It will be sure social death if you miss it.

Leaving no stone unturned we have enlisted the help of top PR company “Miss Frost’s House of Now” to ensure the height of fashion and A-list shoulder rubbing at this exclusive event. Lady Sonia Mutt-Mahon & Lady Susan Ruff-ouf will be in attendance as Trash-bag’s lovely assistants to cloak your bags & balls. In the illustrious words of a one-time Cointreau Ball Best Dressed winner (who came as an Academy Award), “it’s not winning the prize of a first class ticket for 2 to Penrith that matters – it’s knowing that you’ve outdone everyone else to win it.”

Anyone with a title and a modicum of eccentricity is considered suitable company – mongrels, choose your dates carefully. To be at the ball and get your picture in the Australian Womens’ Weekly means that you have finally arrived. The exquisite sound of Kranky Kev-IN Davidson will whisk you onto the dancefloor and Queen of everything Jade-star with Vandal the elusive K-night will create visual decadence like no other. To RSVP, go to Spank Records or Barberia in Darlo, or So Music Newtown. Accepting your invite will cost you $40 plus booking fee prior to the event or claw your way to the door on the day for $50. Directions for your drivers are available by visiting



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