Friday, December 19, 2008

Sydney Debrief- And Its Only Day Two

Today is one of those horrid days where NOTHING goes smoothly-- perhaps just to remind me of what chaos my little corner of Sydney is and why I LOVE THE QUIET SANITY OF PERTH (please feel free to roll eyes here). So far:
* Lil Brother sick, and therefore just MENTAL. Throwing things, needing pretty much constant attention, being incredibly demanding for last 36 hours or so.
* Mother looks after brother, is exhausted from looking after him, getting bugger all sleep 'cos he wakes up all through the night, and she is caring for other relatives that need to be micro-managed most of the time because they seem to enjoy not being independent.
* Mother, with brother in car, is dropping me off at the mate's place I am staying at so I can dump my suitcase etc. She wants to do it. Have feeling I should just get train but then she wants to drive me around and I have quality time so I let her.
* We finally wrangle brother out of house and into car, get everything packed up etc and then friend texts saying she is leaving her place (45 minutes drive away) NOW. I am surprised, as she was supposed to be in all day and so I had arranged my day around this. Slight panic.
* Friend decides to leave a key out for me in a secret location. I get to house, get key, key no work in lock. My mum tries, I try more, we call my mate who assures it works, we try again, and again. We are locked out. I now have large suitcase, laptop backpack etc and need to go to library. And mother who keeps interrupting my calls, and won't let me just get on with finding a solution to problem. Argue. Feel bad.
* Mad ring around to find person in vicinity that is home so I can drop case there for a bit. Finally get it sorted.
* Get to library. Give brother hug byebye, he moves suddenly and headbutts my nose. It isn't broken, and I don't feel TOO woozy, but it hurts now still (3 hours later).
* Had recieved email from library gimp advising me that library would be open Saturday, after which it shut for the hols. Plan to spend day there tomorrow. Read sign on way in to library, advising me they shut TODAY. Panic, mad dash around grabbing every book I think I might need. One is missing from shelves (yes, checked sorting ones too). The one I ordered and they have filed away for me cannot be found immediately, causing much faffing by several staff members, and is eventually found somewhere random. It then sets off the security alarm on the way out.
* Then I have to run to library on another nearby campus. Need to pee on way, stop at gym block at back of uni where I always stop, toilets all locked up.
Make it to other campus, pee, find library and more books. Phew!
* Decide to check emails and facecrack. Find that man who inadvertently got me kicked off facebook by tagging me in some dodgy photo set has now tagged my NEW PROFILE in the SAME SET. The man is an idiot. Un-tag self, send him very explicit message outlining WHY THIS WAS NOT A GOOD THING TO DO.

Soon, soon, soon I will be at a mate's place for a barbie, a beer or two and a ciggie or two. All will be well. Breathe, breathe, breathe...



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