Sunday, February 01, 2009

Today's Theme: Choice

As many of you will know, last night the Monster and I got refused entry into a venue where our mates were DJing, for no valid reason other than the bouncers were most probably homophobic, and complete misogynists. This annoyed us somewhat, as not only was our night thrown out of kilter but we didn't get to support our friends (or any of the other local up-and-coming DJs). Bah.

So, I wrote to the promoter. Though understanding of our miffed state, and having had some of her own friends not allowed in, she did seem rather reticent to admit that there were other choices the organisers could make. Yes, they are a small event, and thus cannot dictate to a big club as to security policy. But if the big club is going to be rude to your clients, to the point of not letting them enter, then MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T DEAL WITH THEM. As this night was originally set up BY WOMEN with the aim of providing a space for female DJs to play, it seems ironic that they are now holding it in such a sexist venue (ie the only 'women' we saw let in were barbie-types in small skirts and big heels).

Which made me, for not the first time this week, consider the choices we all make, and the concept staying true to one's own morals and ethics. Don't support people and institutions who cause you more trouble than provide benefit. Don't do it just because its what everyone else does, just because its a brand name, just because its an easy option in the first instance.

All I need is a badge-maker and a screen-printer and I'm all set for my new revolution. Anyone for a kiss-in?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiss-in's are my favorite form of activism :) Shame I'm on the wrong side of the nation...

9:29 am  
Anonymous UrbanRevolutionary said...

I'd be up for it, but my usual kissing activities aren't usually perceived as very.. 'other'

However if you can find me a spunky boy to lock lips with for the sake of activism..

9:25 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

i could put on my nicest jockstrap?

11:29 pm  
Blogger nixwilliams said...

i'm only just reading about this now... catching up on months of news. PAH, i say to them, and FIE! oh yes.

i miss you!

9:53 pm  

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