Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Feeling Clucky, Punk?

She gives birth. With the force of a lioness. Of a plant. Of a cosmogony. Of a woman ... And in the wake of the child, a squall of Breath! A longing for text! Confusion! What's come over her? A child! Paper! Intoxications! I'm brimming over! My breasts are overflowing! Milk. Ink. Nursing time. And me? I'm hungry, too. The milky taste of ink!- Helene Cixous

Of late much discussion around 'marriage and babies' has come my way, possibly due to my short but intense burst of pseduo-straight-girl behaviour *groan*. Leaving aside the nuptial nonsense, I must confess that the creative potential of maternity and related conditions makes me curious... and when I get curious, I start making plans...

* The lactation project- Pumping underway, already though I get a bit lazy sometimes. Need to buy myself a hand pump, the electric thing seems to have more suction but is harder to drag around the place. See Galactablogue (links) for updates and milky musings.

* The baby project- Am seriously considering being surrogate incubator for a friend of mine. I want to experience the whole alien-being-in-womb experience, the cravings, the stretch marks, even the morning sickness, the shapeshifting and disolution of boundaries... and the birthgasm *shivergulpswoon*. Oh, and breastfeed the baby for a while of course! Just don't want to be responsible for the kid for the next 20 years. Whereas M wants a kid, but also wants to keep her perineum ;) It could work out rather well, but wouldn't be for a couple of years (though don't want to be much older that 35, so can't wait much longer than that). Questions raised about the feasibility of IVF or whether to just go for turkey baster boyjuice and my bioegg. Latter option is easier, cheaper, and less intrusive on all levels- socially, medically, legally etc.Hmmm... who's your Mummy?


Anonymous Serena said...

Hey Zoo - Don't want to be a dampener on these fine plans - however, birth hormones can be scary, so you may be all ready to hand over offspring until birth, then start snarling and hissing at the very thought - particularly if your doing titty-bonding as well. Sometimes our bodies and 'instinct' takes over - like spontaniously kicking when being tattooed behind the knee

3:48 pm  
Blogger mayhem said...

good point serena

My philosophy in these matters is ALWAYS BE READY TO TAKE IT BOTH WAYS!!!! (bisexuality as epistemology)

so babe, be ready to wanna cling, and make sure perineum queen is also ready and flexible for clinging/sharing or letting go.....

bodies and babies are BIG RANDOM challenges - kind a life & death thing i guess


1:18 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

All perfectly valid points Misses M and S, and will clarify my position in a new post soon... xZ

11:46 am  
Anonymous Sharn said...

OMG you too?

Everyone thinks I'm strange that I don't want what comes after (never been a baby/kid person) however I DO want to feel what it likes to give birth.

I mean, what more of a natural high from pain could that be?


11:05 pm  

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