Saturday, October 21, 2006

Growling and Grunting

Finally hooked up with the tattooed trannyboi I've been chasing on and off for a long time. Scars make me swoon. So does the taste of t, stubble scraping my skin, and 'blow jobs' rather than 'going down'. And in this case, the texture of so much inked flesh...

Ooooh, and just bought myself another new cock, one much easier to discreetly pack than dear Sire. Might wear it out tonight under something tight when I go a-calling on the Gentleman Caller. It won't be a total surpise I'm sure, but still may prove a little entertaining/exciting to turn up all tits, fishnets and bulge.

And on the milk front, I think changing my brand of fenugreek has made all the difference. Milk entirely drinkable now, not sickly strong but sweet and fresh and YUMMY.


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