Monday, October 16, 2006


Ahh, haven't posted much about my goings-on lately. For those who are interested in my escapades, here's some of who and what I've been up to... A bit messy and all-over-the-place, but then so is my head at the moment :)

Spending many nights at The Newtown. Variously schmoozing and croozing with Beculum, Whoretic, AngeTheFlange, and The Stalker. Turns out the Stalker is as absolutely delightful in person as when posting anonymously on this here blog. Fabulous to meet yet another kindred spirit!

Did a big presentation to my department at Uni on Friday. Seemed to go down quite well *phew*. Had some drinks afterwards, then home for dinner and a bottle of red with Beanz before we decided to head down to Kooky. Fabulous night really, much dancing and much flirtation with a certain someone who is somewhat confusing yet somewhat intriguing. Slowly, slowly, slowly, but reckon this one is worth the wait. I do like the shy ones,especially when they are rumoured to be dirty old perverts...

Most of Saturday spent in lounge room writing T porn, chatting to Beanz and avoiding the blistering heat before heading out to yummy dinner at Aunty C's and then onto the a most wonderful party with her and the new Gentleman Caller. Got delightfully drunken and debauched *swoon*.

And I have been getting back to The Sly again, of a fashion. Spent most of Sunday upstairs there engaging in hours of utterly mindblowing naughtiness with the GC. Must confess that sometimes it is rather delicious to be taken to dinner by a charming butch with a bottle of champagne, before leisurely strolling down the street for drinks and pool, then being whisked away to be shagged absolutely senseless for the third (fourth? fifth?) time that day. Sooooo much good loving lately! The Goddess of Amazing Fucking and Red Hanky Fun is certainly smiling upon me ;)

I have so much milk! Due to the above debauchery I didn't get home for a day and a half, and didn't have my pump with me... I did hand-express some (check your mirrors for evidence if I was at your place!), and am sure the GC got a mouthful at times, but hadn't really emptied my breasts for about 36hours. Attempted to show GC my 'fraggle dance' this morning and almost passed out when bouncing about. So THIS is what engorgement feels like! Pumped for ages when I finally got home, and got more milk than ever, but still feeling quite full and a little tender. (Is rather nice despite the discomfort, almost like being fisted in that feeling of being right at your bursting point)

Speaking of milk, here's the Skit For Tat program. I'm doing a milk piece on the 26th, and there is MUCH interesting stuff going on.

Ahh, the library awaits me. Must get back into this study business again, go to a seminar on breastfeeding, make a proper beginning on my conference papers etc. stop talkingabout it just bloody well do it!


Blogger t0xxx said...

charmed i'm sure, i think... is delightful a good thing? i can only aspire to be the stalker you feared i might be! adventure well, zoo x

11:01 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

Delightful is a VERY good thing! You wouldn't want to be delight-less now, would you?

11:28 am  

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