Saturday, October 14, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Beanz

Comes the post-Kooky quote of the night: What type of person can't even commit to a casual relationship? Now, when you put it like that- indeed, Beanzabubba, indeed.

Mz Beanz is also responsible for passing along the most perfect tribute to anal sex
anal sex I have ever encountered. Aside from a stunningly sublime filmclip- think wine bottle of lube, a menu of sexual positions, a chorus of Dionysian-style nymphs with nipple tassles and strap-ons, a drag queen, and a young couple in love who must ask the immortal question, Do You Take It In The Ass? - this 60s pop homage contains much advice as to the required equipment and technique:

'You would do if you love me
If you're nervous squat above me
You'll be able to control the depth and speed...'

WATCH IT NOW. You'll be singing it and squirming along all day, promise.

(Pic is of Beanzle and moi before Kooky last night. Red wine has much to answer for!)


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