Tuesday, October 10, 2006


New Wednesday night program at The Sly Fox from tomorrow night. From the QueerCentral myspace profile

Concept: an attitude free, creative night for queers of all kinds be they dyke, poof, gender queer, asexual or pansexual. A place for shows of a different kind.. burlesque, vaudeville, the occasional drag. Tell us your ideas. Hosted by Sex Intents with DJs Sveta and Dave Newman

Who I'd like to meet: Queer artists and performers.

Unfortunately I have other commitments so shan't be down there for a wee while, but I do recommend that if you find yourself at a loose end you get your little queer buttocks down there and support the night. And if you are interested in performing please contact them through the myspace page.Heaven knows, its a straight old world, and we need all the queer spaces we can get.


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