Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Boy Girl Wonder

Ah, I waffle so much that sometimes I can't remember what I have put up here and what I haven't. But this is what I am singing again, and its worth repeating:

why is it so lonely
in between boy and a girl
they're so glued down
in this world
and what is means

i'm trans alla that
gender i'm a bender
bye bi girl

in the parking lot
where we kissed good night
and you squeezed my hand
a little extra tight
well i knew right then
that you felt the same
if you'd just get out
of that boy girl game

- Bitch and Animal 'Boy Girl Wonder'

Lots of B&A lyrics here.


Blogger never too old said...

Just wondering if I missed the annoucement that it is International Polyamoury Day if these two articles are any indications *lol*

Sienna Miller

Scarlett Johansson

3:19 pm  

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