Monday, October 09, 2006

Tingle and Squirt

i'm being a bit better with the pumping, and trying to manage to fit in three pumps a day (even if sometimes they are quite short sessions). not necessarily getting much more milk, but have noticed that my breasts are feeling much fuller and tingle quite a bit inbetween pumps.
also, and it has only been twice so far, i have been able to squirt milk from my right breast (the more exhibitionist one). as in, spray it right across the room! both times have been after pumping, and managed to do it about 3 or 4 times. looks rather spectacular i must say!
which reminds me of an art piece i saw years ago at the Australian Centre for Photography. the exhibition was concerned with pornography, and there was a collection of clothing and bags that (and my memory is a little hazy here) were made from some sort of silk and had these abstact pattterns all over them. i wondered what they were doing a porn exhibition until i read the explanation beside the display. in fact, the patterns were derived from female ejaculation, the process being to catch the 'cum shot' on a piece of paper, put it through some sort of chemical process to get a print of it and then somehow transfer this to the fabric... thinking of doing something similar with the milk-sprays... hmmm... so many ideas! must stop being all heartbroken and disillusioned and start working on other things that matter to me, more art and shows and maybe even write the paper I have to give this coming Friday...


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