Monday, October 09, 2006


One thing I noticed at Gurlesque recently was that every single snatch I saw was in possession of some sort of hair-do. Clippered, shaved off entirely, waxed into funny shapes... am I the only one who doesn't mind my short'n'curlies being long'n'curly?

Maybe I am lazy, maybe I am just reacting to two years of being with someone who was obssessed with furlessness, maybe its my inner bear speaking, maybe its just the fact that my piercings are more protected when I am furry, maybe its an attempt to hide my pink bits, maybe I just want to be feel all wild when I am doing the wild thing? Whatever it is, I find it so much more COMFORTABLE, and SEXY, to keep my bush bushy. Heehee! Does this make me a BushPig?

(Naturally enough, this brings to mind the Betty Davis 'run your fingers through my bushy hair' quote.True, she might have been referring to her Afro, but which one?)

PS To whoever sent that Anonymous quote re wanting 'to cultivate and evolve and unwrap the love and the knowing of people over a lifetime, not bleed relationships dry and then throw them away'- thankyou!

PPS Though I still woke up in tears this morning, I think the crisis may have passed a little. Which is no doubt a relief for all of you! I can't promise to give up the questioning and pondering though- just hopefully shift focus a little from one point of failure/disappointment/rejection to a whole world of new possibilities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm glad my ramblings made you feel hopeful. we are all works in progress, and i think it often takes a while for things to transform from the mind to the heart and then through the heart to mobilise into actions. i think alot about this stuff and commit every day to live the beliefs that are in my heart. you seem to live them well... Don't give up the questioning and pondering, it provides a point of resonation and a peek behind the surface. Sure, a beer, a coffee, a cup of fengreek tea (*smile*) accompanied by deconstruction of ways of being would be interesting...

11:20 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

ah,that would require that I know who you are. or... we could arrange a blind date. i'll be the one with the black hanky and the steel-capped boots :P

11:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, i guess it would, or, alternatively, yes we could! *smile*. perhaps i can email you?

12:14 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

do hope you are not a stalker *shiver*

12:15 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

that was a yes, dear anonymous, you can certainly email me (at the gmail address i posted). you know, i am getting awfully curious...

6:03 pm  

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