Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What A Girl Wants

Well, what this little FaggotFraggle wants anyway. Was thinking that its very hard to conjure up what you want if you don't know what you want- so am starting to look at what exactly it is I desire. Like Santa Claus, the Universe sometimes needs a bit of a hint as to what you would like it to deliver. So, here is my embryonic Wish List. Some of this sounds rather naff when I put it down in words, but hey, I'm a sentimental young fool, what to do? Here goes:

I want a relationship that will own up to being a relationship.
I want someone to care for and be cared for by.
Someone who looks forward to seeing me. And vice versa.
Flowers, sometimes. Or a choke chain.
Someone to go road-tripping with.
Someone to build Shaggle Rock with.
Someone I can learn from as well as teach.
Someone I can laugh with.
Someone who will inspire me to step outside my comfort zone (if you can't walk to the edge, why walk at all?).
Someone who will go out of their comfort zone to watch me take a spear or hang from hooks.
Someone who will hold me when I cry, and accept my comfort.
Someone to suckle.

It is a pity that at the moment I have so busy moping over what I have lost that I have been unable to fully appreciate the brilliance of my current companions and encounters. So many good people and good times! For example:

* Spent all last night drinking and chatting at The Newtown (my new stomping ground) with Beculum, one of my favourite and sexiest t-boys and a rather intriguing woman who was full of communication theories (most useful to thinking about my thesis). Then went back to B's and fisted each other's bits to pieces. More than once.

* Heading to Orange this weekend with Hunter and Darkling.

* Now have a black hanky again ;)

* And really ought to buy a red one too!

* My boots get a lot of polishing.

* I'm halfway to saving what I think I will need for a car.

* I'm still moving to Lismore mid-2007.

* And much much more. Now, just to throw myself into it again.


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