Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cut By The Hand Of God

Here is my Head Cutting. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries so no shots yet of the actual bloody bit (though have video, and some taken on GC's phone).

Didn't hurt or bleed as much as I was expecting, more of an erotic tickle. I could have gone on with it for a long time... the sensation was delicious! I moaned, sighed and entertained Lukas and Satomi (more about them later in the L'Erotica post) muchly with my after-cutting euphoric giggly dance around the studio. *Sigh* It was all over very quickly though, and stopped hurting almost immediately. Now I just keep wanting to poke the wound and hit it and re-open and play with it so that I can feel it again. I'm hoping once I start on the lemon juice and sugar scrubs it should start to at least tingle. And I'm concerned that it won't scar as much as I would like, as doesn't seem very deep to me. Mind you, not sure how deep one can go on the side of one's face, and I alwas get paranoid that things won't scar right. Hmmm... was a fun (and expensive) adventure, but feeling a little flat about it now. Think I just wanted more pain?


Anonymous Tam said...

Oh... so hot...


3:38 pm  
Blogger whoretic said...

Awwww.... very pretty! Can't wait til tomorrow to see it in the flesh

6:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

argh... fucking gorgeous,

love you babe...


6:29 am  

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