Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Oh, I am just totally knackered! Queeruption party on tonight and would really love to go, but have not a scrap of social energy left after last night. Hellfire was fun somehow, despite most of my regular crew not being there. Found myself a few friends to dance with (wave to Buxom Wench), watched an extremely cute bride-birth-and-baby-slashing show by Pluto Savage and had half a sparkly-making device and got all cuddly and spent hours babbling nonsense and snuggling up to a cute boy I've known for years (who was incredibly patient with all my silliness). Then wandered back to another pal's place for tequila, pretending we were going to head out again, but ended up just talking and being giggly until we fell asleep. (Unfortunately such chemical enhancement makes me extremely horny, and wasn't with that type of friend. Damn this dry spell I'm having! I miss being shagged senseless for hours!). Then lay around on the comfy couch all morning reading the paper and drinking tea before crawling home in a daze to lie in bed all afternoon reading a trashy book. Now just hanging out with LesBeanz, getting pizza delivered and watching random DVDs and doing everything in slow motion.

Psych yesterday was brilliant. Was most exciting to find someone who just 'got' it all, including all the tricky queer and gender stuff. Going back to see her in three weeks or so, and can claim some of it on Medicare too (which is nice as its bloody expensive). Think it could be a really productive relationship. Yay! Not nearly as scary as I imagine it could be.


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