Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lost Consonants

(Such a ridiculous flurry of blogging today, blame too much coffee and ginger beer and the fact that I just downloaded new pix from my camera, and haven't had enough time to blog all the random stuff I have been coming across lately. Heck, just skip the boring bits, or grab a ciggie and a stiff drink before settling down for the long haul!)

These scenes are from a book called Return of Lost Consonants, by Graham Rawle. I think it is hilarious, and very clever, but then I am an old word-nerd and would really wouldn't I? In case the images are a bit fuzzy: the one of the left reads 'He was acting strangely and she found him a little weir' and one on the right says 'Uncle Billy took the girls on all the unfair rides' (with the sign in the backround says 'ride in an old wheelbarrow 9 pounds for 30 seconds').



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