Monday, May 07, 2007

Pre-Inqui Drinkies (and other fun with leather)

(Call me presumptuous, but I'm guessing that a lot of you be going to Inquisition on Saturday- and if not then its not too late to get your ticket*!)

Thinking that it would be nice to gather for pre-Inqui drinkies in the Ghetto somewhere. Doors open at 10pm, so I'd be wanting to get there 11-11:30ish... maybe meet up at The Newtown after 9 for a bevvy or two and a quick primp and preen before falling into cabs and making a swooshing big entrance?(And even if you're not going to the main event, please join us for a pint or two of perversity)

Speaking of manners leathery, do not forget the SLPA Artspace opening tonight and the Spoken Word event on Wednesday. Both from 7pm, and both at Aurora Galleries (34 Bedford St Newtown). Mmmm... I can smell it already! And judging from the vibe at Fair Day yesterday, its going to be a very friendly happy cruisy sexy week!

* Tickets available from SAX Fetish (Oxford St), MaXXX Black (Newtown), Reactor Rubber (Enmore), Lucrezia & De Sade (Melbourne), Dungeon Warehouse (Melbourne). $75 (SLPA/DSP), $85 (Kindred), $95 (General)

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