Saturday, April 28, 2007


Much excitement has been had in planning and scheming my grand tour overseas, researching festivals and working out who will be where when so I can catch up with my foreign friends. Unfortunately though, there has not been much money coming in during all this planning, and now I find myself with no work in the immediate future, and enough $ to get OS, pay insurance and taxes and cover my rent here- BUT HAVE ALMOST NO EURO WHEN I ARRIVE! Now, as much I sometimes enjoy flying by the seat of my pants, and can live quite cheaply, I would rather not find myself having spent $2000AU to get across the seas, only to find I couldn't afford the 5 euro to get into an exhibition I wanted to see, or more than one beer at a bar, or a coffee in a cafe, or presents for folk at home (or even postcards), or go op-shopping, so, as much as it pains me to do it, I have decided to stay here for the time being. Ouch! But... not all bad I guess. Can go to Camp Betty in Melbourne if I so desire, and can get a lot of reading and writing and working on 'my own projects' (like, my PhD isn't my own project, but you know what I mean!) done, and have a bit of time away, and try to find my spark again. Doing lots of 'stuff', shows and conference and much social/community work and colloborations with various people etc but still it all seems a bit lacklustre. I get to the event but then I can't find the conversations to have with people, I make it to the bar but I've forgotten how to flirt, I'm at the play party but I don't know what play I want, so bloody indecisive and unable to work out what it is that will get me excited! Today I stood in the bargain shop for ten minutes, trying to pick new flannie jammies. One pair was leopard print with giant pink roses, the other dark blue checks. In the end I came out with neither pair, as to choose either felt like defeat somehow.

Still, one thing that does excite me is having a pile of friends over to watch kid's films etc tomorrow afternoon. The feast included lamingtons and tiny teddy biscuits and vegan cookies and hot chocolate and popcorn and crinkle cut chips, and I am going to make pikelets to serve with raspberry jam. NattieTheFlattie is working on a vegan chokky cake as we speak, and perhaps I will waneder off and buy some ginger beer in the morning. Such a spread! And have assembled a variety of blankets and soft toys and cushions with which to snuggle up, and my favourite red velvet nightie to snuggle in.



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