Monday, April 23, 2007

'If you want me, You can find me

Left of center
Wondering about you'

- Suzanne Vega
'Left Of Center'

Always. And if you require more specific directions, this week you can find me:

Monday night, at NewQ from 9pm for the FTM films. Tuesday night, at PolyMorph for my very first flesh pull, then Mr Mary's for BootCamp, working coat check from 9-11. Wednesday at The Annandale for Spurs for Jesus during the day, then performing at Scabaret at 34b in the evening. Thursday at the Matricidal Tendency art show opening at 22 Enmore Rd from 7pm. Friday at Academy Broads film night, from 7pm at LanFranchis. Saturday at Henson Park to watch the Jets win, from 3pm (must check that time though). Sunday at my place, watching kiddies films and tv shows and drinking hot chocolate... Phew! I may not be strictly working or studying most of the time at the moment, but its still a busy life for Zoo! Though today I am just recuperating in bed with my laptop and cups of tea, catching up on emails and trying to get my head back together enough to cope with organising the next round of adventures...



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