Monday, April 23, 2007

Matching Wounds

'We were patient enough to count the hairs on each other's heads, too impatient to get undressed. Neither of us had the upper hand, we wore matching wounds. She was my twin and I lost her.'

-Jeanette Winterson
Written On The Body (162).

Yes, Madam Phantasm, I indeed reading this book at the moment. And I feel compelled to keep on quoting it as is so wonderfully written and often expresses my thoughts more eloquently and accurately than I can. It did occur to me that maybe I should offer some commentary on my selections however, although to most who know me and my tragic tales of love lost it should be pretty obvious why I have chosen particular passages. Take the above for example, which is quite clearly dedicated to the face I still see in my porridge and the body I still see in my bathtub.

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