Friday, April 13, 2007

Medicate Wildly

Was playing the clown for my little brother on Wednesday night, 'disappearing' under my hoodie and generally being very silly. Started dancing about with my head covered, couldn't see a thing, slipped on paper on the floor, fell back and smashed my lower spine against the base of the lounge suite and ended up badly bruised and bloody ouchy! On the upside though, sure my brother thought it was funny to see me jumping about grabbing my back... Ibuprofun, chinese herbs, hot water bottle, and hoping it will fix itself up sooner rather than later. BIG OUCH.

Oh, and my kidneys appear to be infected again too. Antibiotics, cranberry juice, lots of water, hippy herbs from the health food shop and hoping it gets better soon too. Taking so many pills at the moment that they rattle when I walk.


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