Friday, April 13, 2007

Vanessa Wagner's 2nd Newtown Film Festival

This began last night (when I was off watching Dogs In Space and drinking vodka), but goes for another month or so... It was much fun last year/time, so if anyone is planning to head down to watch, or is submitting something, let me know and I'll see you down there! Details from

'Vanessa’s 2nd Newtown Film Festival starts at the Newtown Hotel from April 12 through to May 24. There’s $2000 up for grabs for the best short film, as well as other prizes for second and third place winners.And of course, Ben Drayton, Gemma and Seymour Butz will keep the tunes pumping all night long. Hot.

So if you’ve got a film – it doesn’t have to have been made specifically for this event, it can already exist – then what are you waiting for? If you want to see it up on Vanessa’s big screen then head to and chase down an application form. And the rest of you – come along to opening night April 12 – and get cultured.'

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