Saturday, April 07, 2007

Now Is The Season Of Our Flannelette

Flannelette is surely one of the most comforting of fabrics. Currently my mismatched pale pink flannie jimjams are warming in front of the bar heater in my room. Soon I will slip them on and snuggle up all cosy in with my hot water bottle (in its hot pink faux fur cover), nestled in baby pink flannie sheets. Then I will lie listening to the rain until I drift into sleep. Is almost womb-like really, the light from the heater lending the scene an otherwordly glow, like candles or a log fire...

Daresay I also have a bit of a soft-spot for blue (sometimes red) checked flannelette shirts, as worn by particular bois/boys/butches/bears. With sleeves ripped out, showcasing well-worked biceps. With sleeves intact, wrapped around me, making Zoo feel all safe and protected. Maybe its the Westie in me, or maybe its a latent lumberjack fetish? Whatever the original cause of this minor fixation, I know that being held tight by someone bigger or physically stronger than me, who happens to be wearing a flannie shirt, makes me want to fall asleep in their arms. Oh, and did I mention my reaction to 'b's' in blue stripey flannie 'old man' jammies? Melt! Puddle of Zoo!



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