Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oestrus Happenings

Oestrus Bunnyskins, High Rabbitess of Menstrual Ritual and Ridiculousness, accompanied by WhoreBunny and delivering magic basket of chocolate Oestrus Vulvas, Eggs, Chickens and Rabbits, caused a moderate sensation and much merriment at The Sly last night. Cute shows, good company (though many of the 'usuals' absent), and too much beer left this little Zoo one bedraggled ball of fur this morning. Have just schlepped around the house all day, cooking and drinking tea and watching DVDs with LesBeanz, pretending to be hard at work on shows and my paper. Its 5pm, and I've done bugger all really. And so on to the long weekend...

Tonight I shall be at the Kooky reunion (Hermann's) for a bit. Tomorrow will begin with a bit of pottering about, then church (in Latin, at Lewisham) in the afternoon, and SLPA's Ascension party at Manacle after that. Saturday afternoon will be filled with rehearsals for upcoming silliness with Gaylourdes, and then maybe some cuddles with Hunter and Darkling. Sunday morning I shall be up bright and early and into my Bunnyskins for an Easter Egg hunt, then Gurlesque in the evening. And then on Monday I go with Whoretic and MadamPhantasm to the Royal Easter Show! Phew!



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