Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Piss De Resistance Now Recruiting

At long last, and with much prompting and hard work from NattieTheFlattie (who did the artwork, and printing to realise my absurd vision), the first batch of Piss De Resistance attire has been produced. Mostly patches at this stage, but now we have the screen and the paint we will be up for printing knickers, skirts, shirts, bandannas and whatever else you may desire. Black, white or yellow print. Have the logo pictured here (in two sizes), and the phrase 'LIBERATION THRU URINATION' available.

The wet dream for this project is to distribute these items to a worldwide posse of BeTwatted People (grrls, wimmin, ladeez, bois, tboys, whoever- only prerequisite in that you don't pee through a fleshwillie) who will hopefully wear them whilst being publically wet'n'wild (or at least provide promotion of such activities). And to take photos if possible, so that we might build up a 'zine or a website or a slide show or exhibition or whatever. Contact me or my homies if you be wanting any of the patches gratis, or have any items you would like us to print PDR style for you.

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