Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wombles, Worzel and The Famous Five

Some of my favourite memories from my formative years involve coming home from school in winter, when it was dark and grey and rainy and cold outside, and sitting in front of the heater watching children's TV shows on the ABC whilst feasting on toast dripping with peanut butter and cups of hot Milo. So, have decided to recreat some of this feeling with an afternoon of fantasy shows and adventure...

Sunday, 29th April. From 2pm.

The House In The Hill

Worzel Gummidge, Captain Pugwash, The Famous Five, Catweazle (*fingers crossed*, I've yet to get my copy), The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Wombles, and whatever other old British kids series I can get my paws on by then. If anyone has The Goodies, Kenny Everett, Basil Brush or Tom Baker Dr Who's feel free to bring them along!

* Your favourite childhood foodstuffs. We can make toasted sandwiches and fruit toast here, and hot chocolate is obligatory of course. It would also be good to have some party pies or sausage rolls (vegan/vegie, and dead things if you insist) with tomato sauce, and pikelets with jam and cream, and a selection of fairy bread and cupcakes etc. So bring along whatever nibblies make you feel like you are 8 years old again. And alcohol, if you were that type of child (or aspired to be).
* Cuddly items- blankies, cushions, comfy clothes, your snugglepartner, soft toys.
* Kids books if you want to do any readings- in the vein of Charlotte Sometimes, Tom's Midnight Garden, Narnia Chronicles, Alice In Wonderland, Enid Blyton...



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