Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artfully Speaking

With Leather Pride week fast approaching, submissions are being sought for:


'Calling all Tops, bottoms, switches, queers, bears,femmes, subs, slaves, perverts, deviates, furries, gimps, sissies, trannies, butches, bootpigs, sluts,sickos, ponygirls, ponyboys, puppies, crossdressers, exhibitionists, Masters, Mistresses and everything in between. Time to let it all out and put it on the wall. I want artwork dragged from the depths of your deepest and dirtiest soul. And then some.

Like last year, we’ll be using the wonderful space of the Aurora Gallery, 43 Bedford Street Newtown. The opening will be held on Monday the 7th May at 7pm, and the exhibition will run through until the Friday the 11th of May, doors open between 5-8pm.

For further information or to register please contact Leesa Morgan at or call 0405193693.

We’ll need to know what kind of piece you’re submitting, dimensions, how it will be displayed etc and also price and a short bio. Photos would really be appreciated, and can be emailed, or sent via the mobile number. If not possible, a fairly precise description would do.

All submissions must be to the curator by the beginning of May, bio and specs by the 4th and artwork delivered to the venue on Saturday the 5th of May between 2-5pm, and be clearly labelled with title,price and artists name. They will be taken down 5pm Saturday the 12th of May, and put in storage for sales finalisation/collection the following week. There will be a $10 submission fee, per artist.'


Wednesday, 9 May, 2006
7.00pm onwards
Aurora Gallery GLCS 43 Bedford Street Newtown

Here is a brief description of the event provided by Ms F...

'The spoken word evening is performance, prose, poetry about bdsm
experiences, life, culture, feelings - things from your diary or yesterday
or things you desire. Serious, thoughtful, risque and comedic performance is
fine - the main idea is a forum to speak in. The theme is our /leather /bdsm
/fetish /top /bottom /switch etc community. Read your own work, or words from other people that inspire, delight or arouse you. If you are speaking from within or a voyeurs point of view that will be good to hear. It is a fairly casual night with wine and supper and some time to enjoy the art work as well.'

Look under the bed for your Muse, give her a quick dust off and a glass of
champagne and GET WRITING! And contact GrushenkaDoll via to participate.



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