Friday, April 13, 2007

Gender Blender

Are you a gender refusenik? Woman or Womon? Gendertrash? Girlfag? Mesbian? Splat? Lesbro? Sapiosexual? Yestergay? Dragzilla? Homovestite? Should I call you Mister-M'aam? Misster? Go to Yay Genderform! at Kreative Korporation to label yourself... It makes this up as a funky little label but when I put it on blogger it all goes pear-shaped so here's the plain text of mine:

Hello My name is Zoo

I am active, angel, artsy, bear, bear lover, bearded lady, bouncy, creature, cunt, dairy queen, demon, diva, do-me queen, dog lover, dragzilla, drama queen, eccentric, eclectic, esoteric, extrovert, FT?, feminist, femme-fucking, freak, gender blender, glittery, heteroclite, huggly, illusionist, interested, kinky, leather, low femme, Mx., metamorph, minx, mosaic, muff muncher, multifacetted, odd, passionate, pervert, polyflexible, polysexual, pre-op, queer, quirky, random, romantic, sadomasochist, sensitive, sexy, shapeshifter, she-bear, skank, slut, sparkly, trampy, trans-loving, transhuman, transspecies, wench

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