Friday, April 13, 2007

TB, HIV and the PM

The SMH reports the following nonsensical position taken by our PM:

'While saying he would like "more counsel" on the issue, Mr Howard said HIV positive people should not be allowed to migrate to Australia. "My initial reaction is no (they should not be allowed in)," he told Southern Cross Broadcasting."There may be some humanitarian considerations that could temper that in certain cases but prima facie - no."Mr Howard said Australia already stopped people with tuberculosis coming in and this was why he supported stopping HIV-positive people as well.'

Well, what's good for TB control is obviously good for HIV control, what with them being transmitted the same way and all. Of course, this controversy required an online poll- 'Call to ban HIVpositive migrants'- as to what SMH readers thought on the matter. At the time of writing this, 54% said they should be banned, 46% that they shouldn't. Horrifying. Vote now here.



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