Monday, May 07, 2007

What Zoo has been up to lately

Last week was USyd's Pride Week, so I went along to the short film night at Stucco (some nice work, though one disturbing piece with a one-legged character called 'Eileen' *groan*, that included a whole heap of 'even Eileen can get a date, why can't I?' 'jokes' *arrrgh*), and the splendid Masquarade party on Friday night. Inbetween these managed to fit in some NADA acupuncture, a visit to my folks, a trip to Bowral (spa, great Japanese food, catching up with friends). Then weekend held a rehearsal for LunaMorph show, a trip the very disturbing (and not in a good way)Plastination exhibition at Moore Park, SLPA fair day, the opening of the community cafe at The Nunnery and a lazy Saturday night spent at MadamPhantasm's watching Parkinson (Dame Edna 'going commando') and Sideshow and The Bill and Rock Quiz with mushroom stroganoff and microwave popcorn. Perfect!

Week before was Sheilafest of course, which meant roving MilkNCookies performance for Whoretic and I at Scabaret, plus a squillion other amazing acts (Domino and Wife, Captain Vegetable and Sister mary Clancy Of The Overflow, KK NoPants clown), a latex and rubber workshop, the totally brilliant and bountiful Academy Broads and a small but fun art show. And this week be SLPA affairs, a delectable birthday party,meetings with a few artistic collobarators and some shenanigans on Wednesday at the Slox. Phew! Who has the time or energy to work???



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