Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mixed Bag

My stars on the music morning music program yesterday said that Aquarians would have a day of surprises (or thereabouts), but that it wasn't some kind of weird warning. With this in mind, during the course of the day I found out:

* Two of my housemates are moving out, with each other (not like THAT, just share house). This is rather uncomfortable and odd for me, but predictable enough I suppose *shrug*.

* A very cheeky someone is coming to hang out with me and Mayhem in the Highlands for the weekend.

* A dear friend was killed in a traffic accident. It doesn't seem possible that someone so vibrant and fabulous could be gone so suddenly. Predictably, I am still in shock and even as I type this it seems that it might be something I imagined. The reality of the situation is gradually sinking in, but I have to keep rereading my email and checking with Mayhem to confirm that it actually happened. I'm wanting someone to tell me it didn't... Crying hard, but still optimistic and happy. What happened to my friend was horrific. The last time I spent proper time with her we were at Hellfire all sparkly and gorgeous and dancing and loving every minute of it, and that's how I keep thinking of her. Glass of wine in her hand and Mandy on the decks, beaming and trashy and vibrant and full of joy. Trite as it probably sounds, I am privileged to have been even a small part of her life.

The sky is blue, there is a big pile of buckwheat pancakes waiting for me, my favourite Kirsty MacColl album is playing and I have Mayhem to frolic with and cute doggies to walk and altogether it strikes me as a good time to count my blessings.



Anonymous felix_femme said...

I will be having a champers on the weekend in due regard

1:13 am  

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