Monday, June 18, 2007

Putting A Little Extra Fire Into HellFIRE

Zoo will be performing, with some Modified Souls, at Hellfire this coming August. Friday 17th, the late show of course- around 1:30am. Don't want to give too much away at this point, as a) its very much a work in progress and b) surprises are nice. But promise it involves something Zoo hasn't done on stage before.

Let simply say that this show will deliver a little bit additional... ummm... sizzle... and there's more than one way to scar a Zoo.

Promise you can all kiss me better afterwards


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm there..the initialed one will make a special apperance ...more than likly I'l be the one crawling around on the ground..oh and a promise is a promise.

7:18 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

A promise is a promise indeed! Now, however shall I tell which is the Initialled One and which are merely the weak-stomached? My shows do often have people on the floor (and once even a stretcher, or so goes the legend). Will you be wearing a red rose in your lapel? Or just 'PV' scribbled across your forehead in red marker?

And August is SUCH a long way away! You would keep me waiting such a long time? *POUT AND STOMP ABOUT*


7:27 pm  

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