Friday, June 15, 2007

Bearded Bears, Bois and Beauties

Or, Depilation Is The 8th Deadly Sin.

Figured this might interest some of you. From the HCB newsletter (I have phone numbers too, ask if you want them). Emailed Brock and they are open to all gendered configurations- boys, bois, girls, ladies, transfolk etc- so long as you got facial hair happening. Its for charity, so you are doing it for the warm fuzzies/infamy and not the $$$, but that should be enough:

Brock & Sarah Thompson are still looking for interesting facial hair. Brock Elbank is working on a portrait book on facial hair. All proceeds are going to Alzeimers research, as her mother was diagnosed with it in 2004. The book’s premise is to photograph 200 subjects, all of whom have weird and wonderful facial hair of all shapes and sizes, the more visual, the better. Everyone photographed is asked to sign a release form giving permission for them to be photographed for this project and are photographed on their own against a wall. That way there is just them in the photograph, with no-one else in the background. After all, this project is about the beard/facial hair and we don't want anything distracting from that!

Contact: Brock and Sarah

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