Thursday, June 14, 2007


There are nice anonymous commenters and readers out there, like my dear lost PV (whereforeartthou oh Initialled One?) and then there are ones that are just plain creepy. But short of changing my blog to private there is nothing I can do to prevent anyone from reading it. Hmmm. Feel a bit icky somehow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I've been lurking, reading when possible,I have been crazy busy, caught up with a few posts below and mind is racing with possibilities ...stinging my tongue and sticking limbs together...your blooog is a secret pleasure of mine..thanks, promise I'l be a good reader..

9:37 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

Nice to know you are still around, and still initialled... and its one of my pleasures to know my blog is one of your secret pleasures- even if you are STILL being all mysterious and initialled! If only I was George I would grab my thermos of lemonade and my dog Timmy and track you down before the end of Five Go A-Hunting The Anonymous Admirer but I'm afraid I'm not that good a detective. Clues please???

10:28 pm  

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