Monday, June 04, 2007

Blood, Simple/Puppy Love

Ah, life can be full of such lovely surprises! Lost track of Hunter Bear this afternoon and so was at a bit of a loose end before my dinner with AuntyC and ButchBitch and the boys when who should jump on me as I got off the train but My Favourite Mermaid. Her company is always a pleasure of course, but even more so when it transpired that she too had some time free and a nice sharp scalpel blade at her place and so we went back and played with her very excitable dog (dog! did I mention I am in the throes of serious puppy-cluckiness? woof!*) and then she went over my faded face-cutting for me. Happy floaty bleeding Zoo. Pleasant way to begin the evening, and so totally unexpected...

*Not sure of the origins of puppy-cluckiness. An urge to have someone big and boofy who will jump on me and smother me with unconditional love the second I walk through the door? Someone who will fetch things without whingeing? Who will go for as many walks as I like and not complain? Who will piss in back alleyways with me? Who will lick my feet (oh, I do miss the Smurphe sometimes *g*)? Or is it really just that I long for the toys and accessories- squeaky rubber chickens and collars with diamante bones or big shiny spikes and (*gasp* *quiver* *wet patch*) those plastic thingies that you use to pick up and hurl the spit-soaked ball from one side of the park to the other? It certainly can't be an urge to wander around with a pocketful of plastic bags so that I can collect wayward doggy-droppings, can it? And its most certainly NOT the smell of canine breath after the consumption of raw meat! Maybe its an urge for furry cuddles? Whatever the origin of my desire, its a fact that I can't really have a doggie at the moment, for much the same reasons as I can't have a child (or even a conventional kind of partner?). I'm too much of a wanderer, too prone to wanting to run off on adventures for days on end, to travel the countryside and not be home in time for supper and anyway, you can't take puppies in any Aus National Parks which would put quite a damper on a lot of my holiday and weekend gallivanting. Hmmm... I need one or two that I can just borrow sometimes, take for walks and wrestle about with and then put back in someone else's kennel.



Blogger mayhem said...

Get me a bone and i'll be ur bitch anyday

enjoy betty


8:28 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

Ooooh, I'll just have to see if I have any bones left after Betty, shan't I? Still, I do know where I packed my leash, and if you come and visit me in my Highland Hideaway you can play with two other bitches- might even find you a spare basket to sleep in and a nice squaky toy...


10:09 pm  

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