Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Monster Is Born

At approximately 1:30pm yesterday (Tuesday 29th May 2007) the Monster Of Ravenna was reborn. After a two hour labour Megan, aka Maggot, of Inner Vision Tattoo on Crown St Surry Hills brought zir into existence. Very little blood, no cursing or cussing, only minor pain and niggling from time to time, and took far less longer than I expected. Indeed, I almost fell asleep at one point, was so warm and fuzzy and blissed out... Considering zie is inked right along my spine (claw just above my bumcrack), and maybe fifteen centimetres or so tall, with shading and colour, it was a remarkable easy procedure to endure, in some way almost disappointingly so (painslut? moi?).

Ain't zie sweet? And unlike the first time zie was born, there ain't no nasty Pope going to starve zir to death! (For further explanation of the Monster's tale, go to my post on Sep 22nd last year 'Everyone Love You When You're BiNary).

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