Monday, May 21, 2007

Sick Bitch

I have a raging fever, chills, sore throat, stiff neck, coughing heaps and am sneezy and wheezy and my muscles ache. Blah! Seems like ages since I have had a cold or flu, true, but still is rather unpleasant. Wouldn't mind so much if I wasn't up for 7am starts (ie out of bed by 5:30). Was cute this morning though, woke up all fevered and confused to find Psycho Pussy was curled up on top of me. Is the second night running that she has come in and slept snuggled up with me, think maybe 'cos NattieTheFlattie was away? Whatever the reason, its nice to get cat-hugs, even if she does comment loudly at my every toss and turn. Thinking of heading home soon to garlicky pasta and hot drinks and hot water bottle and an early night. Life pretty hectic at the moment, and I need to keep my strength up!

Just realised that aside from the pix, I haven't really given much detail of the LunaMorph show yet. I performed with Modified Souls, the PolyMorph-based performance collective. In this incarnation we had four characters: BodModBoy as a Dr, the PervertOfPiercing as the token 'madman', and Jewelz and I as nurses. The show opened with a loooooooooooooong warning to the audience that we might make some of them a bit queasy, and if they thought they were liable to be disturbed by us then they make like to leave before we began (there was also a delightful insert in the program advising them that if they felt woozy during the show not to get up but to close their eyes and stay seated). The Avalanche's Frontier Psychiatry began, and the three assistants walked onstage decked in scrubs and masks to begins etting up the stage. J and I followed, attired in the pierced-in corset lacing, little nurse uniforms (J made them) and of course, a rope attaching us together from the big hooks in our backs. We walked towards the front of the stage, I stooped and J continued a bit so we were standing far enough apart to get some tension on the ropes. Meanwhile, BMD is dragging a straightjacketed POP up to the rig, where he is hung up by hooks from his knees and then slowly raised until he is fully suspended. Ouch! The flesh rips a little, but the show goes on anyway! BMB comes over to J and pushes a spear through her cheek, changes gloves, spears me, and then we start the pull. For such a little sweet-looking creature J sure is strong and feisty! Wooooohoooooooooo! Wasn't quite expecting it so hard so soon, and almost fell on my arse a couple of times, tits falling out of my costume, before becoming VERY determined NOT to go down and to regain some ground. It was crazy, only a few minutes but we just threw oursleves into it totally... sigh... swoon... While all this was happening, POP had been lowered a little, speared by BMB, raised again, and then finally lowered and unattached. Music changed to some industrial sort of track, J and I were unclipped, I walked over and dragged POP from the stage, undid his straightjacket and watched from the side as J and BMB did the sweetest little Dr/Nurse flirt scene. Somehow BMB's mask and coat came off, and he was soon suspended and swinging from four hooks in his back whilst J knelt lovingly underneath (and at some point he speared himself too, but I missed it). The Nurse Who Loved Me, by A Pefect Circle, came on, he was lowered, she put her arms around his chest and her legs around his waist and then they were BOTH lifted up again:

I'm taking her home with me all dressed in white
She's got everything I need pharmacy keys
She's falling hard for me I can see it in her eyes
She acts just like a nurse with all the other guys

Oh, it was SO cheesy and mushy and silly! Perfectly played. Then they came down, POP and I walked back onto the stage and all four of us stood facing each other, turned to the audience and pulled out our spears.

After this I was fit for nothing much but bouncing around chain-smoking and babbling to other performers out the back. Eventually we took all the metal out, patched up and cleaned up and packed up and I headed off to Kooky with my back all bruised and the hook-holes covered in gauze. What a night! Kooky was especially gorgeous, as many had come straight from LunaMorph and were still in their finery, and half of my housemates were there being wonderful, and I spent a large part of the night being chased/kissed/danced with somewhat suggestively and finally propositioned by a very cute boi that I have often thought was a bit of alright. Nothing like a little slap and tickle to complete an evening. And I do have a soft spot for cheeky types, you know, those likely lads who come on all cocky but sweet and just grin at you until you melt into a puddle. (Which reminds me that I'm not sure if I ever posted the link to SkinMarvin, a site devoted to gay scallys, punks, army boys, skins and such. Check it out when you have at least one hand and an hour or so free. Makes me want to head straight back to the UK and pick up lots of rough trade who'll do filthy things to me on housing estates and under railway passes)

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