Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Old Mac Bad Dog

Have missed the last one or two Bad Dogs, but if all goes to plan (ie can afford it, can create outfit in time etc) should be at this one:

Old Mac Bad Dog had a farm..
(at Jets Sports Club, Holbeach Avenue Tempe, at 3pm on Sunday 27th May ).

Ee i ee i o!

And on that farm he had some…. (each sold separately, batteries not included)…Pigs n goats n cows n chickens n ducks n horses n working dogs n pitchforks n tractors n haystacks n needles n gumboots n overalls n drizabones n garden paths n orchards n "special" plantations n alpacas n geese & goslings n sheep n sheep dips n harvesters n potato pickers n cold beer on the front porch n apple pie cooling on the window ledge n CWA auxiliary meetings n inbred gene pools n choppin' blocks n axes n headless chooks runnin' as busy as lizards n great big rifles n roo bars n rabbit shootin' n wild dogs n carcasses n wives that walk into doors n foreclosure n drought……

Get your tickets from Spank Records & Barberia in Darlo and So Music in Newtown - $40 presale / $50 door

More info on the website. Ooooh, did someone say 'Udder Spectacular'?? Think that's my outfit solved!



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