Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Snail Trail

There are bees in her bonnet
Sip the honey, spit out the sting
Hair of the bitch that bit you
Pick up the scent, territory marked
Perfectly groomed, and almost housetrained
Claws clipped short
Dog breath over flossed and polished canines
Throw her a bone
Suck the marrow, bury it in the garden
Slobber all over your chin
Bitch love is a puppy
Best shoes chewed to shreds
And bed stinking of piss
Shiny coat, silky coat
Silk from a sow’s ear
Pearls for swine
Oysters, clams, fishpaste
Pork buns and leather collars
Pink at the end of the steak knife, succulent
Off the leash, animal logic
Eyes on stalks, antenna stretching
Praying mantis, black widow, death adder
Snakes ladder up her thighs
Web of spider veins, mothballs in her panties
Pin the tail of the donkey, nice piece of tail
Canter of pony boots, fetlocks, haunches, trotters
Walking on eggshells
Puss in boots, kitten heels
Bird of paradise, bird of prey
Rare as hen’s teeth
Plucked and gutted, giblets glistening
Feathers ruffled, horse has bolted
Abattoir, knackery, glue and icecream
Jelly pythons at the teddy bear’s picnic
Boa constrictor with the Siren’s call
Sphinx, gorgon, familiar... Zoo

(Penned that a while ago while contemplating my animal logic. Blogged it here because I've started treating this blog like my notebook and filling it up with trinkets I might want to play with later. )



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