Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Hangover Head

Ah, sometimes to be hungover, not in a 'ohmypoundingheadmyqueasystomach' way, but in a 'wowmyscrambledmind' way can be very productive and interesting. A stream-of-consciousness way of being, snippets and tangents all muddled up together in a peculiar ill-logic that bears the most curious fruit... (hopefully including something special for spoken word tomorrow night).

I must say, last night's SLPA Artspace launch was one of the most joyous and silly events I've attended in a while. Leather Pride week always makes me smile, but this year more than ever before I've felt like I really belong there, surrounded by leather harnesses, collars, kilts, belts, boots, caps, hats, Daddies, Mummies... these people are one of my favourite families. Had a wonderful chai latte with Y beforehand, and again concluded that he is indeed a very good find (thanks to ACB for the introduction)- articulate, intelligent, gentle, generous, softly spoken, well mannered and sublimely aware of the abject! From time to time certain people enter your life, and it seems to be for a specific purpose but you can't quite fathom what. He's one of those, and I'm grateful to have him around. After our beverages we headed down to Aurora to peruse the exhibition. Spent a delightful few hours admiring the art (both on the walls and in the crowd), kissing and hugging and wrestling and quaffing beer and champagne, schmoozing and melting and flirting and smiling! Afterwards a few of us toddled off to play some pool at the Impy, then I got bored and headed to The Newtown with NattieTheFlattie, and somehow we ended up visiting SauerKraut, getting even more silly despite not imbibing any further intoxicants, and then all crashing out in her room. Waking up next to her, I realised that some people you know by their smell, or their laugh, or their breathing pattern, but with SK the thing that strikes me as immediately identifiable is her temperature, she is always warm, and her skin is smooth and moist, to curl up with her feels like sharing a womb.

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