Wednesday, May 16, 2007

But I'm A Lady!

Random memory from Zoo's archive (with bonus ramble):

Once I was in the Ladies Room at a shopping centre. There was a woman in the cubicle beside mine, accompanied by a small boy about three or four years old. They were chatting away when his curiousity was piqued by the Feminine Hygeine Product Disposal Bin: 'what's that for Mum?'. 'That's to put things in' answers the Mum. 'Like what?' asks the kid, to be told 'ladies' things'. Kid ponders this for a second or two before continuing 'like flowers?'.

In the park where I am working at the moment there is neither a functional toilet block (closed due to crime/junkies I gather from the locals) or any flowers (apparently people would come and steal flowering plants in the wee hours of the morning). But there is a beautiful old fountain, glorious big palm trees, one or two ibis (ibises? ibii? ibiss?), masses of rosellas in the afternoon, squillions of pigeons, elderly Chinese women performing fan dances in the morning, many dogs to play with and plenty of opportunity to chat with very friendly people. Not a bad gig all in all, even with the scary-early starts.



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