Thursday, May 17, 2007


Wouldnt it be nice to be a star,
Shinin and sparklin, looking down the whole and plenty?
Being looked up with a telescope
While my sisters busy cutting the rope.
Daddy, you cant touch me,
Mommy, you cant hate me,
Im a star, get it?
Instead I froze.

And I let them, I let them,
I let them pick my brain,
Twist my arm,
Cut my throat
And wish me dead.
But Im still thinking,
Wouldnt it be nice to be a star?

- Yoko Ono

I am tentatively booked myself in for a couple of shows at the Sly, Wednesday after next (to be confirmed). This is scary/exciting, as these will be the first shows I have done in ages where I can't rely at all on the shock value of blood or body fluids. Oooh, there were some brilliantly funny acts last night, including one to 'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts' and then... swoon... Lee Harrington did the most simple yet breathtaking reverse strip to Unpretty (by?), starting off in wig and bathrobe, remove wig, starting to apply lippy in mirror, taking lippy and drawing big crosses on his breasts, putting on boy briefs and binder and then slowly getting dressed in shirt and suit and tie. I was almost in tears, it had the usual Lee style and professionalism and wit combined with an immense sense of vulnerability. Spectacular.

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Blogger ThugBear said...

unpretty - TLC.

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