Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No Really, On A Brighter Note

Things to be happy about today:
* Got to see the proofs of the last lot of MooZoo photos (the B/W 'arty' ones) last night and they are gorgeous!
* The air is crisp and clear this morning, sun is shining and it just feels like it may be snowing in the mountains! Could see my breath when I turned up to work, which always makes me childishly excited.
* Heading to visit my parentoids this afternoon to watch cable, eat lots, get pampered 'cos I'm sickly, read the papers, curl up on the lounge with a blankie and the heater and doze for hours. Oh, and chat with my folks too!
* I am wearing my favourite faux fur coat, ocelot print. Its big and loose and has beautiful fuzzy buttons, and when I wear it I feel like one of those dogs whose skin is too big for its body, sleek satin-lined fur slinking over bones and muscles...
* I have a Lindt dark chocolate Easter egg in my pocket. Its packaged in black foil, with a white lace design and gold print, very Gothic *g*. Its the last one I have, and am loathe to open it. I will though, on my way back to work, as I know the creamy treat that awaits and can barely contain myself.
* Has the most fabulous acupuncture treatment last night, from the back of my head to the sides of my feet. Melt. My acupuncturist is a goddess!



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