Monday, May 21, 2007

Birds Of A Feather

See a feather, pick it up
All that day you'll have good luck


I picked up a magpie feather in the park this morning, and found the end of it full of blood. A self-inked quill, driping at the slightest pressure! Not being privy to much ornithological knowledge, it did make me rather curious as to WHY though- have never come across this before. Any ideas? Whatever the cause, something about it was incredibly sexy, reminding me of hours spent supergluing feathers into the ends of needles, to be unplucked into my skin, before playing bird to my gf's leopard, or Siren with feathered chest and face...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zoo, I'm no bird expert (birdspert?) but I know with my pet cockatoo, when she moults, sometimes she moults plain feathers with empty quills, and sometimes what the vet told me are "bloodfeathers" -- feathers that still have blood in the tips. Apparently the bloodless ones don't hurt to pluck, or not as much anyway, maybe like cutting fingernails...or maybe I'm making all of this up. But that's what I think I remember, anyway. xoxo Cloroxa (your flayed human body pal) p.s. You are a fabulous writer!

3:56 pm  

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