Monday, May 21, 2007

Clothes Maketh The Man

Saturday night met up with a sweet boy, M, who I have often seen around the place and chatted to but never hung out with enough, and we headed to The Fitting Room (Fashionanarchy thingy I mentioned before) to drink champagne, try on silly outfits and shmooze about being ridiculous watching Christa Hughes and The Fondue Set. I had an outfit drama before heading out, but somehow it all came together in many many layers of mostly furry animal print (gloves, skirt, tights, coat, hat). And I bought a very fabulous reversible 'circus style' jacket there, red satin one side and turqouise cotton on the other, with much sequinning around the collars and cuffs. Think it will look most fetching with my top hat and a pencil moustache! Much fun was had, but by then I was feeling kinda sickly and could only manage a lemon, lime and bitters at the pub before crawling off to bed. Sunday night found me even more illsome, but somehow I was convinced to head off to Transsensual Events at the Impy after work. Thanks to the wonder that is public trasnport I was VERY late, and missed a reading and Lillian Starr *sob*, but still had a ball watching Tom Cho (bizarre), Jo Joyce (hilarious, and quite poignant at times- loved the Daddy/Girl stuff and her list of affirmations partners of t-bois need to deal out), Gil (a hymn to the femme mystique), Debutante Debby doing a great reworking of U2's One Love, some slideshows from XX boys and someone else and then a great film that I must own NOW (and get the name of). Geez, I nearly slid out of my stocking watching the latter, especially remembering the taste of t-boi bits... ooooh.... with the insides of my cheeks still a little swollen from the spears I am somewhat orally fixated at the moment!



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