Monday, May 28, 2007

Chew My Cud, Cowboy

Am one delighted, exhausted, dreamy little Zoo today! Old Mac Bad Dog had a farm yesterday, and on that farm zie had:

The Holy Bovinity. My outfit: Old vinyl platform boots that I almost threw out ages ago, painted with white cow spots, love heart/ star with 'Mad/Cow' across the front and 'Moo/Zoo' across the back. Mesh overskirt. Frilly knickers, fishnets, white suspender belt with black and white tail attached, arm thingies made out of black stockings painted with more cow spots. Two stuffed cow heads attached to the breasts of a black and white gingham shirt. And my MooZoo mask and half black, half white wig with the wored plaits (both as seen in HF show). And after all that it didn't occur to me to take a photo on MY camera, though plenty where taken by other folk.

Farmyard Freaks. The rest of the crowd and crew: Buxom Wench looked like she'd been rolling in the hay, all rosy cheeks and spilling out of her checked shirt. Gaylourdes made the cutest saddest sweetest little lamb, complete with sprig of rosemary. Amongst the rabble there were at least a couple of scarecrows, dozens of cowboys and cowgirls, a man in camos wearing a haystack, a bag of manure, plenty of CWA types, LOTS of other cows, a few pigs, a divine boy wearing a red leather head harness with cock's comb (*gasp*), a chicken, some Amish folk, and tons of bears (who told me 'yes, they were happy to be farmed *wink*').

Got to the venue around 10:30am to help with set up. The crew was fantastic, with lots of my friends volunteering too- as is usually the case. Spent lots of time with a screwdriver, a pair of snippers and a stanley knife, removing large sections of shadecloth and generally dismantling inconvenient structural elements. Strung up lights and lightboxes and gels. Stuck gold shiny fabric to a table, then attached a large paper fake cow's head to it, decorated with garlands of flowers. Got dirty and dusty and gritty and grimy and loved every minute of it.

Had been up since 5:30 to do the sparrow's fart shift at work, so by the time had finished setting up was almost too knackered to get into my outfit. Still, struggled into it just before the party started at 3pm, grabbed a beer and lay out in the sunshine on a big stripy furry rug. Perked up a little, and spent the next 7 hours or so boozing and schmoozing and dancing and downing beer and trying not to pee on my tail or dip my plaits in my drink sidling up to people to ask seductively 'hey cowboi, wanna chew my cud?' (which got a variety of responses). Music was incredible, the dancefloor flirtations were delicious, and I found myself tipsy and giggly and happily tucked in in my jimjams (alone) by 12:30. Heaps of my friends were heading off to Phoenix for Loose Ends and begging me to go, but, you know, my bed was the only place I wanted to be! Content. Sometimes it is nice to just stop when you have had enough and not be greedy...


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