Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Icarus Project- Call For Zine Submissions

Nat In The Hat is involved in this project, which is good enough for me! This is quite a late notice, but they are most keen for submissions so if you have ANYTHING lying around or are good at working quickly please send your work in. Here are the details straight from the Hat's email:

The Sydney Icarus collective ( www.theicarusproject.net) is calling out for contributions for our first Zine that will be launched at Camp Betty over the queen's bday long weekend. ( www.campbetty.net ). We want to include as many voices as possible, be it in the form of art, stories, poetry, film reviews, personal experiences, political discussion, comics etc.

Who?We are a diverse group of people interested in creating a stigma-free space in our community/ies in which to share resources, support and advocate around mental health issues.
How/when/where?Our next meeting is on the 29th of may at NewQ (www.newq.net ) 22 enmore rd where we'll be compiling the zine. It would be great to have contributions emailed by the 29th or brought along to the meeting but we can still incorporate your work up until the 3rd of June. To submit or ask questions you can reply to sydneyicarus@lists.riseup.net.

Why?Many people suffer distress and feel isolated, often as a consequence of living in a mad and unfair world. There are limited mental health services available to people who are not affluent, and medication is cheaper than talking therapy. When accessing what mental health services are available, members of radical communities frequently have their identity and/or lifestyle targeted as the source of their distress. This is none too surprising considering the history of the mental health system being used to police deviance from social norms, for example homosexuality was listed as a mental illness in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) until as recently as 1987, and Gender Identity Disorder and Transvestic Fetishism continues to be a classification. Having a supportive community is important in helping people defend their identity/politics to themselves and to health care professionals when in a vulnerable situation and to put their energy into staying well. Spaces free from stigma allow people to make positive decisions about their health and to fight for their rights. This zine hopes to promote the creation of such spaces by engaging a dialogue around mental health issues in our community/ies.

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