Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lazy Layabout

When I got my Monster inked the other day Megan saw the small butterfly tattoo above my left hip, and (almost) stifling a giggle asked 'was that your first?'. However did she guess? Yes, it was indeed my first, done by a bearded bloke at Illustrated Man who was rather forgiving when I fainted, almost threw up, and fainted again. I was 25 (at a pinch), and aside from a nostril piercing, several ear studs and some mutilation-style cuttings had never done any bodmod at all. It didn't hurt that I could recognise, more a complete overload of SENSATION, and it sent me reeling in delight to the point of passing out cold! Monster is healing up nicely, a little tight and tender but ever so deliciously raised and is much wriggly joy to rub in the Bepanthan and trace along the outline...

Am being such a lazy Zoo today. Started off well after a late start: cooked, cleaned up kitchen,washed up, de-jellied and de-chocolate-sauced the items from the Slox shows, booked a flight and had a shower intending to get some more chores done but then headed back to bed *shrug*. Just can't get motivated somehow, floppy and sleepy and just want to stay curled up and doze with the heater going, chatting online to various bears and a madam. Hmmm. Must get lively! Items to be packed and outfits to be arranged! But its so warm and cozy in here!



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