Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photo Finish

'Tis odd, somehow I haven't felt the need to document so much lately- not taking nearly as many pix as normal and barely touching my noteback at all. Came back from Betty with probably less than a dozen pix (*gasp* I can do fabulous outfits, and see fabulous shows and sites and whatnot and not need to capture them sometimes). This is VERY strange behaviour for me! Not sure what has brought about such a change, maybe a gradual acceptance of the impermanence of things, including myself, has led me to not need to try to keep every single moment of my life recorded somehow, to just be able to let a lot of it go, or process ... That said, don't panic, you'll still have new Zoo material to read- I'm sure that after a week of no-blogging or writing I will stay up half the night posting here (and I did make sure to collect almost every flyer and handout and badge I could find at Betty, to file away in my little boxes of queer memorabilia).



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